tips for when you go away

8 Reminders Before you Go On Holiday

It’s almost half term and before long it will be Christmas.  If you are planning to go away on holiday, have you given your home security any extra thought?

by Emma Johnson

It might be obvious but many of us forget even the basics security measures when going away. These are a few pointers:

  1. Don’t make it obvious – it is hard to be discrete when loading the car with suitcases, bags, and maybe camping equipment. However, choose your time of day when maybe fewer people are about. Keep your eyes open and check who is about and if they are watching you.
  2. Cancel – the mail, papers, and milk deliveries. If you don’t want to cancel the post, ask a neighbour to pick it up and put it somewhere not visible to unwanted visitors.
  3. Set a timer – for your lights, a smart device can also allow you to set the TV or radio.
  4. Shut and lock – all your windows and doors. Don’t forget to bolt the gates and padlock them if you can. The same goes for your shed. It is surprising how many of us forget.
  5. Social media – Keep your posts as private as possible. While you may be excited never tell the world, which includes your friends, on social media that you are planning to go away. Don’t even post pictures while lying on a faraway beach. Your smile may go when you return to find your favourite belongings are no longer there.
  6. Ask a friend or neighbour – to keep an eye out and report anything strange.
  7. Smart Doorbells – have become the latest must-have piece of technology. These are the doorbells with live cameras and they will tell you instantly who is standing at your front door. They are great deterrents but if don’t comply with GDPR /data protection laws you could face a hefty fine.Local business, The Gadget Guru, supply and install Smart Security Camera and Doorbells, the Eufy Camera and Doorbell Solutions. This offers a subscription-free service with recordings stored securely on the system’s base station. Recordings are encrypted to military-grade.
  8. Insurance – finally don’t overlook your insurance. Check you have renewed, paid for and covers you for being away from home.

Complete our top tips before you go away and you’ll be set to have a happy, safe and relaxed holiday.