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How You Can Help Visually Impaired People

Two million people live with visual impairment and guide dogs help them to live the life they choose. Sight loss affects adults and children, it can happen suddenly or over time.

by Emma Johnson

The expert staff, volunteers, and life-changing dogs help the people affected by sight loss to live actively, independently, and well. Unfortunately, the sight loss charity, Guide Dogs has had to launch a campaign to appeal to volunteers across Milton Keynes. Volunteer help means local people with sight loss can get back out into the community, now lockdown restrictions have eased.

The charity’s volunteer ‘sighted guides’ commit to only a couple of hours a week or a fortnight. Their role is to help people who have vision impairment by guiding them around their local area. Guide Dogs charity aims to match partnerships based on common interests. This in turn helps those with sight loss to build their confidence and do the things they enjoy.

Karen Toozer, My Sighted Guide Volunteering Manager for Milton Keynes, said:

“The pandemic has led to many people with sight loss feeling isolated and losing their confidence.

This has been made worse by many social distancing measures only being marked by visual cues. We have an increasing number of people in Milton Keynes waiting for support from a volunteer sighted guide, who are keen to build their confidence again and get back out now that lockdown has eased.

Volunteers can give as much or as little time as they like – just a few hours a week can make all the difference to someone.”

If you think you could help someone living with visual impairment in your area, Karen urges you to get in touch. Volunteers must be 18 or over and you will require an Enhanced Disclosure check (DBS) as part of the role. Guide Dogs volunteers will provide full-sighted guide training.

Guide Dogs was founded in 1934, following their first partnership in 1931. The charity is almost entirely dependent on donations.

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