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Book 27 April – Stony Stratford Annual Town Meeting

The Stony Stratford Annual Town Meeting will be held on

Wednesday, 27th April at 7.30pm in Stony Stratford Library.

This is not a Town Council meeting, this is your town meeting. The meeting is designed so that you can take part and most importantly:

have your say.

Maybe you simply have some questions you’d like answers to.

This year the meeting offers:

1. Presentation on Road Safety

Road Safety Officer, Keith Wheeler, from Milton Keynes Council, will present Road Safety information while PC Lee Turnham from Thames Valley Police will present about Community Speedwatch

For further information on Community Speedwatch please visit:

Website: Community Speeed Watch

2. Presentation for Annual Community Award 2021

3. Swan Update

Malcom Levey will give a short and fascinating talk about swans and other birds on the river. He’ll also talk about litter reporting.

4. Stony Stratford Town Council Chair Report

Councillor Keith Tilley, Chair of Town Council will present his report.

5. Stony Stratford Annual Meeting – Have Your Say

This is your chance to ask questions and have your say. Don’t sit back at home and complain when it doesn’t happen, get down to the library and say your piece!  Remember though, courtesy and politeness in getting your point across will go further and be appreciated by everyone involved!

Open to:

Residents from Fullers Slade, Galley Hill and Stony Stratford .

All parishes hold an annual meeting for electors.  Annual meetings have taken place since 2001 in the parish of Stony Stratford which includes Fullers Slade, Galley Hill and Stony town.


To get in touch with the Town Council:

Website: Stony Stratford Town Council


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