Stranger abuse, younger person holding older persons hand

Stranger Abuse.

Stranger abuse is very real. You may hear shocking stories in the media about criminals who target individuals with dementia.

by Claire Kendall, Milton Keynes Trading Standards

These terrible abusers, befriend sufferers of dementia in order to defraud them out of their money. The worst stories are those where the ‘befriender’ goes as far as getting into a long-term romantic arrangement with the victim. Their aim is to benefit financially from the individual’s property, income, and belongings.

Befrienders or groomers are targetting people with dementia to abuse them. They use the phone, or on email, and do it even in person. This is a growing problem.

Look for the Signs

Typically, in person, the befriender will start by offering to help the person. They often pretend to be care workers or other trusted professionals. They may build a relationship with someone with dementia who is particularly lonely. Having gained their trust over time, they may be able to get the person to hand over financial information or money or valuables, The victim may even give them authority over their finances. This could be in the form of power of attorney. Alternatively, they could arrange an appointeeship, which enables the befriender to collect benefits or pensions.

When a Risk Becomes a Reality

This sad situation came true for one poor woman when a man convinced her to give him power of attorney. He had groomed the lady and her husband over an extended period. The lady lost her husband and, taking advantage of her vulnerability, the befriender moved into her house. He moved her into one single room. Although he collected her pension, he would not buy her any necessities or give her any of her money.

Eventually, a sensible person realised what was going on and referred the matter to the police. The local safeguarding team got involved. Luckily, they helped the woman and she then received the help she needed. The man was prevented from knowing where she was and would not be able to continue with his crimes.

Not every story has such a good outcome.

Alzheimers Society

The Alzheimers Society has written more on the subject of financial abuse here. If you know a vulnerable person who could be at risk read


Act Now

If you are concerned that stranger abuse may be happening to someone you know please:

  • contact the safeguarding team at your local Council
  • or report the matter to the police.
The Willen Hospice Lights of Love Annual Christmas Remembrance Service

Willen Hospice Lights of Love Service Returns

The Willen Hospice Lights of Love Service returns for its annual Christmas service of remembrance. The event take place at 2.30pm, on Saturday, 4 December at The Ridgeway Centre in Wolverton Mill.

by Helen Winter

The free event was held virtually last year. This year people have the opportunity to celebrate the life and space to reflect on the person they have lost.

The service will include Christmas Carols, and performances from MK Brass Brand, Willen Choir and Junction 14. In addition, the service will welcome pupils at Knowles Primary School who will also sing.

We invite children to decorate stars to hang on the Hospice Christmas trees, or take home to treasure. After this, we invite you to visit the Willen Hospice website to add a loved one’s name to the Books of Remembrance. This will be displayed virtually this year due to COVID-19.

Our charity wishes to raise funds by selling beautiful, wooden in-memory decorations. These can be personalised to add a name, as well as Remembrance Roses as part of the charity’s ongoing 40th anniversary celebrations. There is also the opportunity to purchase a Christmas lantern to decorate at home and display at the Light of Love service.

Tracey Jago, Events Fundraiser, said,

“We really missed not holding our Lights of Love Service last year. It is a wonderful event, offering an opportunity to gather together, reflect and remember loved ones, while showing much needed support for Willen Hospice at Christmas-time.”


If you wish to attend please book in advance booking – this is essential.

Please visit

Call 01908 303052.

About Willen Hospice

Willen Hospice provides complex and individual care to all adults affected by life limiting illness in our community and support to their families and friends.  Our care is assuring, equally accessible and advanced and often takes place in people’s own homes.  It is free to the patient and provided by a highly skilled team of professionals. We receive less than a quarter of our funding from the NHS and need the support of the local community to provide us with financial stability to ensure that we are always there to care.

volunteer northamptonshire carers

Could You?

Could you be a volunteer?

You may ask

Why on earth would I do something for nothing when I lead such a busy life already.

by Kay Giles, Northamptonshire Carers

Yet, many people do. They volunteer for a variety of reasons and reap rewards that are far greater than the time they give.

Indeed, it’s these rewards that may explain the rise in the popularity of volunteering, especially in young adults.  It’s not just the individuals, community groups, and organisations that benefit from their assistance.

Volunteers are an extremely valuable resource for any organisation. They bring a wealth of knowledge and experience. Many charities are only part-funded so rely on the generosity of volunteers to work alongside paid staff. Volunteering doesn’t have to involve a long-term commitment. Even the smallest task can make a real difference to those in need.

So, why volunteer?
  • Of course, the main reason is to make a difference to the people less fortunate than you. It offers the chance to give something back to a community that may have supported you in the past.
Getting to Know Your Area
  • If you are new to the area, it’s a great way of getting to know your local community, meeting new people that you might not normally connect with and make friends.
Self Esteem and Being Valued
  • Volunteering makes you feel valued again and part of a real team, helping real people to improve their lives.
  • Being a volunteer can be challenging but also reward you with that real sense of purpose, great achievement, and renewed confidence.
  • It may be a chance to build back your mental health after a bereavement or low point in your life, getting you out of the house, countering the effects of stress, depression, and anxiety through increased social contact.
Quality of Life
  • It can help with understanding life from another’s perspective, enabling you to look at your own in a more positive manner.
  • It is an opportunity to spend quality time away from a busy lifestyle and see life from a different point of view.
  • It is an opportunity to use your existing expertise and build on these to develop new skills.
  • In addition, you could possibly enhance your CV. Young people, especially, grow in self-confidence, self-esteem, and self-belief whilst volunteering.
  • Practicing common skills used in the workplace shows you can take initiative and are willing to give up your own time for others.
Physical Activity
  • Carrying out volunteer work may increase physical activity and that may also reduce stress, giving you a real dose of the ‘happiness hormone.’

If you are considering volunteering think about what skills you can offer and which causes you’re passionate about as it means you’re more likely to stay committed to the work, but most of all enjoy it too!

Northamptonshire Carers

Carers Support Line: 01933 677907


World Mental Health Day

Make World Mental Health Day Every Day

The 10 October is designated as World Mental Health Day. Over the last couple of years, the pandemic has had a massive impact on all of us.

by Emma Johnson

From newborn to the oldest in society, the lockdowns have affected us all in one way or another. Dr Adrian James, Head of The Royal College of Psychiatry, said in an interview with the Guardian newspaper

COVID-19 poses the greatest threat to mental health since the second world war.

While Vicki Nash, head of policy and campaigns Mind said:

We cannot underestimate the long-term effect this will have on people’s mental health

We have all struggled, emotionally, economically, and healthwise. Some have gained weight, others lost in their struggles. More people have turned to alcohol and drugs to cope. Children and adults withdrew from society and are still finding it hard to get back to social contact. Many of them are suffering from apparent unexplainable panic attacks. Discrimination has increased and lone parenting was even tougher than normal.

World Mental Health Day

The theme of this year’s World Mental Health Day is:

Mental health in an unequal world.

We can’t let the ever increasing inequalities take away our chance to talk about mental health. Now more than ever it is important that we talk about how we can look after it. We need to be open and honest with friends, listen and be heard by those around us. When things aren’t working we also need to learn to get help.

World Mental Health is launching a £2 million Covid Response Programme to work with partners to help some of the people who have been hardest hit.

One day in mental health is not enough. We need to pull together support, support each other every moment of every day. Recognise when someone is struggling but also try to help ourselves before we let our mood drop too low to get it back.

4 Simple Ways

If you are still struggling, there is a way out:

  1. GOOD NIGHT’S SLEEP – Since lockdown, sleep deprivation, often anxiety-induced, has increased. Caused by isolation, fear, financial problems, and the juggles of work and home. As we return to normal make your sleep routine a priority.
  2. LIFESTYLE CHANGES – A healthier weight and lifestyle is shown to improve health and sleep. If you’re keen to get healthier getting fitter speak to friendly, local gyms. They’ll be non-judgemental and welcoming. Losing weight can be hard by doing it alone, get help from someone who specialises in weight-loss and has possibly gone through the journey too.
  3. PAMPER YOURSELF – Facial and beauty treatments may seem like an indulgence but sometimes that little treat that makes you look better will make you feel better. Local salons are still practicing COVID safe procedures.
  4. GET SOCIAL – Meet up with friends for a coffee, go for a walk. Just one small step to face-to-face talking, as hard as it is, will help to bring your confidence back.

Get involved #PinItForMentalHealth with a green ribbon.

Find out more about World Mental Health Day


Image showing allergens - Natasha's Law

Protecting Allergy Sufferers – Natasha’s Law

Natasha’s Law comes into effect this October. The law will hopefully mean that allergy sufferers can now confidently and safely eat the foods they have bought.

by Emma Johnson

Approximately 2 million people in the UK suffer from a food allergy, even more have a food intolerance. Between 1998 and 2018, doctors admitted 101,891 people into hospital for anaphylaxis, a severe allergic reaction. Improved medical intervention and understanding of allergies and treatment methods has reduced loss of life, hospital admissions continue to rise.

It is so important that we all start to get a better understanding of food allergies and intolerance.

Natasha’s Law

Improvements in the law around food labelling, known as Natasha’s Law (UK Food Information Amendment) have finally taken place this October. The new law requires all food producers to provide a full list of ingredients on all prepackaged foods. In addition, they must highlight allergenic ingredients in bold, italics or other colours.

The government is introducing the new law as a result of the actions of a lobbying group, led by Natasha Ednan-Laperouse’s parents. Sadly for them, it took the death of their beloved daughter to realise just how serious the flaws in the existing labelling laws were. Natasha was just 15 and preparing for a family holiday when the food she believed to be safe took her life.

She simply bought and ate an artichoke, olive and tapenade baguette from Pret-a-Manger at Heathrow Airport. Because she had checked the ingredients, she believed she could trust it. As she sat on the plane, she had a serious allergic reaction. Sesame seeds caused that allergic reaction but incredibly the producer had not listed them on the ingredients. They are a known allergen risk.

Despite efforts by her father, administering two Epi-pens, she had several cardiac arrests before losing her life at a French hospital. The corona stated that had Natasha seen the full list of ingredients contained within the baguette she would not have eaten it. A food labelling loop hole meant they did not have to be fully displayed. From now on all food businesses will be required to provide a full list of ingredients and allergen labelling.

 Allergy UK’s Top 14 Food Allergens:
  1. Plants – Celery, soya
  2. Cereals containing gluten
  3. Seafood – Crustaceans, molluscs, fish
  4. Diary – Eggs; Milk
  5. Nuts and Seeds – Lupin; Mustard; Tree Nuts; Peanuts; Sesame seeds;
  6. Additives – Sulphur dioxide (sometimes known as sulphites)
Look for the Symptoms

Reactions to food often take place within minutes of eating the allergen but can be delayed by a couple of hours. Classic symptoms include:

Gut reactionsAbdominal pain, vomiting, diarrhoea

Skin reactions:Itching and swelling (rash or nettle rash)

Respiratory reactions:Runny nose, sneezing, wheeze, cough

Other Considerations


Allergy UK estimate that one in every thirteen children (about 2 per classroom) have an allergy diagnosis. Schools must c comply with all the laws around food, however, issues often arise from foods being brought into schools by other children.

Allergy UK do not necessarily advocate complete food bans and it is almost impossible to remove all risks in schools. It is essential that school leaders raise awareness about the risks amongst teachers, parents and children.

We should not assume that all allergies are the same or that every reaction will require hospitalisation. Children diagnosed as coeliac can be left in excruciating pain for months after coming into contact with gluten.

If you have a child with an allergy:

  • Book an appointment with the head teacher / class teacher
  • Provide detailed written information about your child’s allergy
  • Ensure that the school trains all staff who supervise your child to be aware of warning signs
  • Give a clear written management plan
  • Discuss possible risk areas
  • Provide in date allergy medication with clear instructions for use.
  • Ensure the school locks it away and regularly checks the dates

If you have any concerns refer to the schools complaints policy.

Local Businesses Selling Food to The Public

Before selling their produce, all food sellers must register with their local authority. And, of course, most make a real effort to ensure they have food safety measures in place – think good hygiene and prevention of cross-contamination. In fact, you are probably very conscious of the potential bacteria found within raw foods. You are even likely check how vendors store their food before buying it. Possibly, you will also consider how hygienic a premises and the staff look before buying. Indeed, the most safety conscious of us will refuse the free sample, despite all the safety measures.

Local Suppliers are Not Exempt from Labelling

Hopefully, Natasha’s law will now make both food sellers and the public more aware of the ingredients within the food. Sellers of all pre-packaged direct sales foods (PPDS), whether sold within a fixed premises or a market stall, must label it. No matter how big or small a business, you are required to include:

  • Name the food
  • All ingredients
  • Emphasise allergenic ingredients in bold, italics, alternative colours or underlining.
  • Indicate additives
  • Quantitative Ingredients Declaration (QUID)

If businesses sell pre-packaged products which they have not manufactured then they must comply with full labelling requirements.

Useful Information

Find out more about allergies:

Allergy UK

Natasha’s Law

Coeliac UK

Government Advice for Business

MK Social Enterprise Wins

A Milton Keynes social enterprise, Branch-out MK CIC, won its first medal at RHS Chelsea Flower Show 2021. Their entry was in the Floral Art and Floristry Competition.

Branch-out MK CIC, is based in Stony Stratford, Milton Keynes and work with adults with learning differences and autism. They grow flowers in a sustainable manner without pesticides or peat. As well as growing the flowers they also create sustainable bridal flowers, farewell tributes and hand tied bouquets.

Theresa Wedderburn, director,  designed and created her display entirely from the flowers grown and dried by the adults who work with her. She said:

“We entered the competition because I wanted to educate people about our social enterprise and to highlight that everyone in society can be involved and contribute to a rich and vibrant community. We were obviously delighted to be selected out of hundreds of submissions to create a floral window display for the Chelsea Flower Show. And then, winning a bronze was amazing! I’m not a formerly trained florist so it was pretty nerve wracking having the very best of UK florists judge our work. We lost points for not being technically accurate. But, the judges absolutely loved our creativity and it seemed to be a firm public favourite.

About the Display

They made the eco-friendly display entirely from MK grown (not flown) flowers. Each part works in harmony with nature. Because of her love of nature, Theresa avoids the use of chemicals, paints, dyes and plastics. Even the papier-mâché skull is made from paper with almond and potato starch glue. Along with this, they grow the seasonal flowers and foliage in peat-free soils. Finally, they naturally preserved the flowers before using them to form a skull surrounded by insects.

Wedderburn continues:

“My inspiration for the display was ‘Death is not the opposite of life, but a part of it’ which is a quote by Japanese author Haruki Murakami. The exhibit captures fleeting moments of life, preserved in time and is based on my interpretation of preserved flowers. These are often seen as dead and only good for composting, but in fact seed heads and dying flowers are rich habitats for overwintering insects so therefore help to nurture new life. When preparing your garden for winter, don’t make it too tidy!”

The display will be available to view until the show closes on Sunday, 26 September. At the end of the exhibition, view the incredible work of art at York House Centre, Stony Stratford.

Thank -you

Many thanks to Karen Parker for the photograph of Theresa at Chelsea Flower Show.


About Branch Out MK CIC

Branch-out MK CIC is a Community Interest Company, a not-for-profit organisation that supports adults with learning differences and autism through social & therapeutic horticulture.

We grow a wide variety of seasonal, speciality, cut flowers to sell from our workshop, at farmers markets & through local independent shops.

In addition, you can also commission us to create bridal bouquets and wedding flowers, farewell flowers and special occasion displays. Alternatively, we can supply cut flowers to event and wedding florists.

​Every person who attends Branch Out sessions will improve their self-confidence and learn new practical skills. They’ll also enjoy a relaxed social atmosphere where they can meet new people and make new friend. All of this while helping to grow top quality British cut flowers.

Branch-out MK CIC is based at York House Centre in Stony Stratford, Milton Keynes.

Branch-out MK CIC



How sleep deprived are you?

Are you one of the 40% of adults who sleep for less than the recommended 7-8 hours every night?

Whether you love getting in those zeds or partying all night, the right quality and quantity of sleep is essential for good health and wellbeing.


The magic pill

The pandemic disrupted our sleep routine more than ever. This lead to many of us experiencing sleep deprivation as well as some oversleeping.  At the same time mental and physical health problems are also on the rise. Denise Pope, wellbeing expert, describes sleep as the magic pill for our health. Whether you are a lark or an owl, lack of sufficient sleep is exhausting and you will suffer.

What’s the issue?

Parties, pets, menopause, military helicopters, snoring and of course, children contribute to our sleep- deprived nights. However, if you can sleep for hours on end, not even waking to these usual offenders or the extra loud alarm, you too may have a problem.

The physical risks of under sleeping include developing dementia, diabetes, heart and other diseases, with similar issues for over sleeping. As you hit 50-70 years of age risks go up by 30% and risk of death from heart disease doubles in women. Mental health is equally affected with American studies showing a link to increased depression, anxiety and suicide in school children. Adults are affected in the same way.

Poor quality sleep also disturbs cognitive function with poor concentration, focus and memory leaving you with awful brain fog. Even worse, The Sleep Council found that 20% of UK road deaths can be attributed to fatigue. There are no end of statistics that prove the importance of getting the right amount of sleep.

Get rid of waste

Scientists believe sleep helps to clear the toxic waste from the brain. This waste is what can cause problems like dementia. Beware though, poor sleep can also be an early sign of dementia.  If you get too much sleep, other risks increase, like cardiovascular disease.

Night-time waking

It’s 3am and you’re lying there thinking about how many hours before you have to get up. How many times do you experience this? It is normal to wake a couple of times in the night, but you probably won’t remember.

Some of the physical reasons for waking up in the night and not getting back to sleep include obstructive sleep apnoea, restless leg syndrome, pain, pregnancy and menopause. If as a man you wake several times to pay a visit to the toilet you definitely need to seek advice.

Whether you known the cause for waking at night it might be time to check in with your GP.

You could make some simple changes to your environment and well-being to improve your sleep. That is what and when you eat and drink, your room temperature, mattress and of course learning to manage your stress levels.

Don’t get too smart

Don’t panic when your SMART watch tells you that you only managed 6 hours, 59 minutes and 32 seconds sleep! As great as they are, clocks and watches can increase your sleep obsession and then cause anxiety. If you can’t get back to sleep after 15-20 minutes, get up and relax with a book, listen to calming music and keep the light low. Avoid your SMART phone!

Ten tips for a better night’s sleep

One – Routine

Keep a regular sleep routine even at weekends and scrap weekend lie-ins. Reset your internal clock by letting light in as you wake up.

Two – Avoid

Afternoon naps can disrupt sleep, choose a walk when you feel tired.

Three – Warm the soul

A warm bath an hour before bed can help you to sleep better.

Four – Exercise

Exercise, at the right time, helps to relieve insomnia, anxiety and stress. You need a couple of hours to relax before bed, if you do a work out in the hour before there is a high chance you won’t be able to sleep.

Five – Eat right

Sleep deprivation increases cravings for sugary or fatty foods, thereby weight increases and sleep quality reduces. Choose slow energy release, fibre rich foods.

Six – Drink better

Moderate your coffee or alcohol intake. You may fall asleep quickly after drinking a bottle or two of wine as it works as a sedative slowing your brain. However, don’t be lulled into thinking this is a solution, as it will disrupt your quality and quantity of sleep you get and it can cause apnoea.

Seven – Don’t get social

Keep your bedroom for sleep. Catch up with your friends, social media and TV at a better time.

Eight – Relaxation techniques

Use relaxation, mindfulness, deep breathing exercises for sleep.

Nine – Create a sanctuary

Get rid of clutter and choose a calming colour scheme. Set your room temperature to about 18 degrees Celsius (65 degree F). Your body cools about 2 hours before going to sleep, this is when melatonin, the sleep hormone, releases. It reaches its lowest point in the early morning and then gradually warms up as we head towards the morning.

Ten – Get outside

Get as much fresh air as often as you can to improve your sleep. It will also reduce stress and improve wellbeing.

Bathing well

Risks of slips and falls in the bathroom are greater with loss of mobility and strength. There are simple solutions and adaptions that will help you to keep your independence while making your house still feel like home.

Remove it or keep it

Most people don’t use baths these days but removing it can devalue a family home. Balance the decision about the bath versus shower with safety. Specialist equipment can make washing easier and safer, consider manual or powered bath lifts, boards and seats, rails and steps. A walk-in shower can be safer when combined with suitable rails, shower seats and safety mats but may depend on space.

TOP TIP: A registered Occupational Therapist (OT) will advise you on the best equipment for your needs.

Warming style

Warm towels as you step out of the bath or shower are a welcoming touch! Towel rails now offer better heating options and come with a touch of style. Ask your plumber to select the right BTU (British Thermal Unit) for the size of bathroom and your needs.

Locate it close enough to reach but far enough away so that it isn’t used as a safety or balance rail.


Make your bathroom look stylish with coloured towels, flowers or create textures or patterns with tiles. Choose bright, vivid colours.

A touch of colour

Choose colours on your walls to reflect your style and design. Don’t be afraid to take risks by using bold and bright bathroom colours to lift a space. Try different schemes, there is no limit – ombre, dramatic, feature walls, even contrasting or groups of colours.

Prefer a chic, modern look? Go for greys to complement the white furniture and accessorise with vibrant items.

Our local painters and decorators will advise and work with you.

TOP TIP: Try Karndean Floors for your bathroom. They are safe, stylish and water resistant!

Floor it right

Consider the look, the water, slip factor and maintenance – porcelain looks good but is slippery and while carpet is warm it’s not as hygienic and can easily rot.

Karndean gets our vote because it’s warmer underfoot, there are of lots of style options and colours and it’s easily replaceable.

6 Way to wash more safely.

One – Taps with levers are easier to use than turn taps if you have reduced strength in your hands.
Two – A detachable, hand-held shower attachment for your bath means you can then sit rather than having to stand and shower.
Three – Grab bars and rails make bathrooms safer – they’re easy to fit and cost-effective.
Four – Raise the height of the toilet seat to make getting up and down easier, ready-to-fit seats can be easily purchased.
Five – Place non-slip bath mats or tape in the bath or shower to reduce risks of slips and falls. Washable non-slip rugs are a good idea for the bathroom floor too.
Six – Walk-in showers or wet rooms are great if getting in and out of the bath has become difficult. Fix a seat to a wall or free-standing one with rails to make it even safer.


Free and confidential information on disability-related issues, grants and try before you buy equipment is available through:

Milton Keynes Centre for Integrated Living – 330 Saxon Gate West MK9 2ES / 01908 231

Centre For Independent Living – Gladstone Road Resource Centre, Gladstone Road, Northampton NN5 7EJ /01604

Carrot, spinach and bean patties

These delicious patties are a great alternative to meat burgers. Whether you are looking for something different for a veggie BBQ option or even a Saturday night in front of the TV, they are healthy and tasty too.  To up the heat add a splash of chilli or paprika with the garlic .

Serves 6
Prep time 45 mins cooking time 25 mins


1 finely chopped onion
15ml/1tbsp vegetable oil
450g/1lbs carrots, washed and roughly chopped 100g spinach leaves, washed
5ml/1tsp ground cumin
5ml/1tsp ground coriander
200ml vegetable stock
400g can mixed or red kidney beans drained

75g fresh wholewheat breadcrumbs


  1. Heat the oil in a pan, add the onion and cook for 2 mins. Add the garlic, carrots, spinach, cumin and coriander. Stir for a minute and add the stock. Season well and once boiling, simmer for 10-15 minutes until carrots are tender. Cool.
  2. Drain the liquid and mash until lump free. Add the drained beans and mash again. Stir in the breadcrumbs, mixing well and seasoning to taste.
  3. Divide mixture into 6 and shape into round patties about 2.5cm thick. Chill until ready to serve.
  4. Heat oven to 220°C/ Gas mark 7, brush patties with oil on both sides and place on hot baking sheet. Bake for 20 – 25 minutes.

Eat with a delicious home-made coleslaw. The perfect option for vegan and vegetarian diners at your summer BBQ!

Shop Locally for Your Veg!

Order a Moorgate Farm vegetable box

Delivery Scheme – Local fresh, quality vegetables delivered from field to your door in 24 hours

Moorgate Farm – Potterspury NN12 7QG / 01908 543008 / e-mail Moorgate Farm

How to make your food more sustainable

Make your food more sustainable by finding and eating local produce. It is one of the good things to have come out of the horrific pandemic. And, more of us are turning to local distributors, like My Refill Market, to buy our food products. My Refill is based in Stony Stratford, on the edge of Milton Keynes, and they offer an amazing range of dried foods, teas and coffee as well as cleaning products. Let’s start by looking at their delicious selection of pulses, though – one of our very favourite foods!

They’ve bean around a long time

Delicious beans and pulses were once a staple part of our diets. Wealthy 18th-century landowners banished them to the plates of the poor when meat became cheaper.

These days we export more of the pulses we grow than we eat, or use them for livestock feed. And the US and Canada supply us with most of the millions of baked beans we eat every day. In fact, cheaper new world beans even replaced one of our best – the Fava bean.

In 2015, new greening regulations encouraged farmers to introduce pulses to their rotation and crop production is steadily growing. Scarily, it is becoming more difficult to find GM-free varieties. This should surely be a good step?

Although pulses are pest and disease-prone, they are excellent pollinators and require less chemical nitrogen. Farmers are seeing increasing success since introducing pulses to their rotation. In 2019, Norfolk farmers harvested their first chickpeas. Luckily, more pulse eaters are savouring the taste of the British alternative – the Carlin Pea. It’s flavour and texture make it perfect for hummus and other chickpea-based dishes. Best of all My Refill Market has it on sale and their offering is locally produced.

Buy British

Pulses-eaters must take note of the origin of their beans. British grown means reducing the risk of illegal deforestation; we mustn’t forget the impact our demand for the wonder food ‘avocado’ had in Mexico. Based on this alone, why wouldn’t you want to support our distributors like Stony’s My Refill Market.

And finally

Beans are not only delicious, they’re incredibly healthy, filling and as we have shown they can be a sustainable food product and an great alternative to other proteins.

To be certain of the origins of your beans and pulses buy from “My Refill Market”, Stony Stratford. It’s simple, take a bag or jar and pay for the quantity you need. You won’t need to buy massive quantities that you don’t have room to store. There is no waste from extra bags and plastic. In addition, no air miles and less risk from deforestation mean reduced environmental impact! Best of all you’ll be supporting local producers and retailers.

What are you waiting for get to “My Refill Market’ to see the range of coffees, teas, pasta, pulses and all the other fantastic produce on sale.

Get in touch

Click here to check out their website 

For FaceBook head to My Refill Market