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Apprenticeships – Have you Registered Your Interest?

Formal Education doesn’t suit every young person. And luckily, these days there are options and choices when it comes to choosing the best career path for you. Apprenticeships are becoming increasingly popular as an option.

National Apprenticeship Week 7-13 February.

by Emma Johnson

At one time if you didn’t stay at school to sit ‘A Levels’ you’d have probably ended up going straight into work. This would have left you without the option of gaining any more qualifications to develop your career.  Happily, over the last few years, governments, colleges and employers have recognised the need for a return to apprenticeships. They are now more modern, accessible and a great way of gaining experience and qualifications at the same time.

Basically, apprenticeships offer young people, aged 16-24, a different career route from formal education. There are many local and national providers of the schemes.  Along with this there is a plethora of information to help you along the way.

One of the best ways of getting involved and understanding more are the Careermap sessions which run during 7-13 February. This year, Careermap, in support of the government-led National Apprenticeship Week, is running a series of live Q&A sessions with the UK’s leading employers and training providers.

There is something for everyone, from more practical work to engineering, science and hospitality.  You can join an apprenticeship scheme at 16 instead of staying on at school to sit ‘A levels’. Alternatively, you choose to join a scheme instead of going to university or even after your university degree. Once you start a scheme, if it doesn’t work out you can join a different one. There are so many opportunities that you can take advantage of.

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National Apprenticeship Week