image showing the safety centre logo teaching hazards at home and outside

Don’t Let Your Child Become A Statistic

Every year, over 2 million children under the age of 15 experience accidents in and around the home.

In 2020 alone, 67,135 children were admitted to hospital, due to accidents in the home.

Hazards and Accidents include:

  • Poisoning. Consuming toxic and hazardous products such as washing machine tablets, bleach, medicines and alcohol.
  • Choking on small objects such as mints, nuts, bolts and batteries
  • Fire-related injuries due to electrical devices, fireplaces, electric heaters, candles, faulty or out of battery smoke detectors and alarms.
  • Carbon Monoxide poisoning
  • Burns and scalds due to appliances, candles, hot water, bath related accidents
  • Falls and trips due to untidiness and obstructions of toys, a busy staircase and no stairgate

Hazards outside the home:

  • Road-related accidents
  • Cycling related accidents (not wearing a helmet or wearing it incorrectly, wearing dark clothing, wearing headphones…)
  • Train Track accidents
  • In-car Accidents (car seat and seatbelt safety)

Here at the Safety Centre and Hazard Alley, we are proud to deliver interactive, memorable and fun training that teaches young people about the risks, hazards and dangers we can face in our everyday lives. Hazard Alley is vital in teaching children, young people and adults extremely important messages, but we do it in an engaging and exciting way, that lets each child experience these hazards in a realistic and life-size setting. What they learn, saves lives.


Website: Hazard Alley

About Hazard Alley

Hazard Alley is the world’s first interactive indoor safety education village. Although it was planned and established in 1992, HRH The Duchess of Gloucester officially opened it 1994. 

Bucks Fire & Rescue Service & Thames Valley Police conceived the original idea. Their aim was to introduce children to risks, dangers and hazards in a totally safe environment.  

The everyday scenarios that children can walk into provide a great learning environment. Above all, children can explore, investigate, discover and imagine in complete safety.  It works so well that children don’t even realise how much they are learning and their visit is memorable into adulthood. 

Since it opened it has hosted half a million children as well as inspiring other centres across the UK.  

It is self-financing – the income comes from services offered, grants, donations and sponsorship.