Children aren’t always, right confessions of a Mum

Chrissy Reeves AKA Mumpy 24/7

I’m a mum and like many of you, I have lots of stories about my children to share. The other night I was sitting at the dinner table with my son. He looked up and said “The teacher told me off for fake coughing today.” I was very sad and worried to hear this detailed story as my son is only in his first year of school. Not to mention, but it was shocking to hear that his teacher had told him to stop fake coughing.

The school office called earlier in the day to ask me to give my son medicine for his continuous cough. Don’t worry, I promise you that it isn’t COVID (yes he is fully tested!). Therefore, the teacher was fully aware that this was not a fake cough. His story and mistreatment made me very sad. The next day I marched in to see his teacher.

Me: “Hi Mr A, please can you tell me why my son had his name on the board for fake coughing when obviously it was a real cough?”

Mr A: “Oh yes, children were pretending to cough and had their names put on the board. Your son, however, was not fake coughing and, of course, did not get his name on the board!”

My tomato red-faced self quickly replied, “Well, err, yes, very well, carry on, good work.”

I can’t be the only one with egg on my face?

So I decided to look into this further. It turns out we all seem to do similar things. Join me online to read about the times you all did something similar and had egg on the face.

My children are always right

It was my foolish assumption that my children are always right. Now, it is important to listen to children. But, maybe occasionally we need to take some things as fiction … until we find the full facts. This must be the way forward. I asked you all for your stories of embarrassment from your little delights. I was not disappointed. Remember if you have one you want to share do get in touch. These are the stories from Family Lockdown Tips and Ideas. I asked the question, “Just wondering has anyone’s kid made them look foolish?”.

Here are yours…

Emma W

In our house we have a really wicked sense of humour & do a whole lot of sarcasm. We have 7 kids so it helps. My son’s science teacher called home a few months ago because they were talking about chloroform. The teacher asked if anyone knew what it was. My son (had to be my kid) piped up, “Yeah my mum uses it to get me to sleep at night”. That was a very awkward phone call!

Samantha C

When my son told his teacher his dad gave him alcohol, he was really trying to say Calpol!

Donna H

My MIL has the winner for this. Her daughter kept coming home saying “Mrs little …. said this, said that…“. It generally undermined mum. The last straw was when Mrs Little said that her daughter should be allowed to have her ear pierced if she wanted to. MIL marched up the school to see the Head. She demanded that Mrs Little be held to account, only to be told that there was no Mrs Little!

Lawla S

When my daughter was grounded she started shouting from the window to her friends. “Help me, help me, call the police!” I went to the window to try to close it, then tell her off. She started thrashing out so it looked even worse to any onlookers.

Mandy B

When my, now, 23-year-old daughter was young (7/8) her school receptionist called me. The receptionist informed me that I owed £45 in dinner money fees.

My kid had NEVER had school dinners only packed lunch.

The receptionist told me Georgia had been going daily to tell them I hadn’t bothered to give her any lunch!

The little moo had gone to school each morning for a whole month and checked the menu. If she saw anything she fancied she hid her lunch and used the fob story.

From that day on I dropped her lunch to the office. If she went knocking, the receptionist just produced said lunch bag.

Amy P

I remember my little boy calling my husband by his first name when he was little. He refused to call him daddy or dad. We were shopping and he ran off, we were looking everywhere for him. He told a staff member he was lost. When hubby eventually found him, the lady said ‘Is this your daddy?’ He said, ‘No’. She wouldn’t let him take him until I got there and explained.

Rosie E

So I embarrassed my mum, I was about 14 years old. I had a massive lump on my forehead with two black eyes because I hit my head on a bumper car’s steering wheel. This was before they had padding. School wouldn’t let me go in because of how I looked. My mum took me to the shop to do the food shopping. We were waiting in line to pay and she went to put her arm round me. I thought it would be funny to flinch and say, “No mum, not again.” Everyone looked and tutted.

Now I’ve got kids I understand why she was furious and didn’t find it funny

Stephanie W

I work in a sixth form with 16-18 yr-olds and I can tell you that these don’t stop with age. At least once a month a parent makes an angry irate phone to say, “My child says.” It’s some fantasy story.

I think it’s made me less likely to believe my own son lol. Even when for three weeks in a row he insisted that no one at nursery would play with him. I insisted that’s not the case. His dad finally asked the staff who produced videos and pictures of him playing with everyone. It proved me right lol.

Danielle L

My 5 year old told his teacher, “My mummy isn’t picking me up today – she’s in jail.”. I had to explain that there is a difference between being put in jail and working in a jail.

Elaine C

My daughter when she started school, told her teacher it was her birthday. She described her birthday cake, what presents she got & even the colour of balloons & banners. The school even sang ‘Happy Birthday’ in assembly. When I went to pick her up from school & the teacher said to her, “Have a great party!”. I asked what party & it all came out that she had said it was her birthday, this was in October. I said, “No, your birthday is in June.”. The teacher was like, “OMG, she sounded so convincing!”.  She’s now 14 in one weeks’ time & I still wind her up about her wanting 2 birthdays like the Queen.

Sophie M

My son told his teacher he hadn’t been allowed any breakfast. He had in fact had two breakfasts. He just saw kids coming out of breakfast club (he doesn’t go to it) and basically decided he wanted toast.

Mary C

My lad pretended his ds had been stolen. He had us believing that someone delivering leaflets had reached in through the open window and taken it. I phoned police and reported it, only to then tidy up sofa an hour later and find it hidden behind cushion!! His excuse, “Well I did actually lose it and thought you would be mad so pretended it got stolen. When you called police, I didn’t dare tell the truth then!”  I was mortified, thankfully police saw the funny side to it as he was only 5.

Thank you to every mum for your wonderful stories, we have plenty more to share. I hope this has put as big a smile on your face as it has mine. Join me every Tuesday 1-2pm on for my Mumpy 24/7 show.