Games for the car

Scroll down to get ideas for guessing games to play in the car. Games can be adapted for older and younger children – simply use your imagination to make them suitable for your family or friends. We have numbers and letters, objects and animals. Make sure someone is in charge and stops the game or suggests an alternative before the arguments begin!! Most of all have fun and laugh at your silly answers!

Don’t stick to our rules, have fun and play with our suggestions and create your own variations. We’d love to know which are your favourite games and maybe write about where you were when you played the games, then send that to us and we will publish it online.

Story game

This is great for getting everyone involved. Each person takes turns to say one sentence that continues on from the previous one.  The first person starts with…

Once upon a time, there was a…

Memory game

Shopping — everyone takes it in turns to say what they went to the shop to buy. As you go around you must remember what the people before bought:

  • I went to the shop to bread
  • I went to the shop to buy bread and ice-cream
  • I went to the shop to buy bread, ice cream and hair bands
  • I went to the shop to buy bread, ice cream, hair bands and crisps
  • I went to the shop to buy bread, ice cream, hair bands, crisps and a newspaper and so on
  • A person is out when they get the objects in the wrong order or forgot to say one of the words

You can do the same with colours, numbers, and names

Rhyme time

This is such a fun game that can be great for all ages, even adults!  Start with a simple word and then think of a word that rhymes with it. Take it in turns with the words and try not to repeat one that someone else has already said.  Spellings may be different but it is the sound that we are trying to get to rhyme.

  • Shed
  • Said
  • Head
  • Bed
  • Lead
  • Fed

As a variation once you get to 5 or 6 words try to make a story or poem that includes the words.

  • Then once was a shed
  • Did you hear what I said?
  • Upon that shed, I bumped my head
  • That meant I went to bed
  • After that I felt like lead
  • Until I was fed!

Would you rather?

You must be careful with this game!  It may be more suitable for slightly older children although can be successfully adapted for younger ones

One person asks the other which they would rather. You can ask them to give reasons for their answers, for example:

  • Would you rather eat soil or touch caterpillars?
  • Would you rather drink gone off milk or eat a lemon
  • Would you rather smell sewage or clean a dirty toilet?
  • Would you rather be alive as Viking or as a Victorian?
  • Would you rather be a cat or a dog?
  • Would you rather live like a royal or live quietly in the countryside?
  • Would you rather speak 5 different languages or be able to talk to animals?
  • Would you rather live in Disney Land or where you live now?
  • Would you rather be able to eat Pizza whenever you wanted to or eat chocolate whenever you wanted to?
  • Would you rather if you won the lottery buy a massive, big, new house or buy a smaller one and share some of your winnings?
  • Would you rather be the funniest person in the world or the most intelligent?
  • Would you rather climb a mountain or swim with sharks?

Always consider the age when asking questions. Try to give people space to give their reasons, don’t criticise reasons, you can say but what if, or have you considered … if you did that.