Harry’s Rainbow supports bereaved young adults

This July, Harry’s Rainbow the local charity that supports children and young people bereaved of a parent or sibling extended the support they offer. From now on they are supporting young adults aged between 16- 25.

The decision came because teens need a different kind of support than the Rainbow groups can offered. The first group took place at The Green Elephant Café, CMK with peers meeting over a drink and cake. Harry’s Rainbow Family Liaison Officer facilitated, with support from the Youth Ambassador, CEO and representatives from YiS. Participants can share experiences of bereavement and the support services they have accessed.

The group now plan to meet one evening per month in a central location. The goals are to provide a safe space, share a story, provide friendship and understanding, respect differences and support mental health and wellbeing.

For more information

Harry’s Rainbow – harrysrainbow.co.uk / 01908 061676