Image showing poster to advertise MKDT's Sleeping Beauty production

Bringing MKDT’s Sleeping Beauty to Life

Dancers are bringing MKDT’s Sleeping Beauty to Life,

If you love storytelling through dance, you’ll love Milton Keynes Dance Theatre’s latest production. The cast can’t wait for you to their talents as they perform Sleeping Beauty.

Production – Sleeping Beauty

Place – The Venue, Fyfield Barrow, Walnut Tree, Milton Keynes MK7 7WH

Dates – 20-22 May, 2022

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As with past productions the director, choreographers and dancers are bringing a new and modern twist to a classic fairytale. This is the fourth show that MK Dance Theatre has brought to the stage. The full-length production ‘Sleeping Beauty’ will

The energetic and lively performances will delight you. Dancers from all genres and backgrounds will roar from the 1920s all the way through the decades to today. That is after 100 years of slumber! Buckle up and prepare yourselves for a completely professional show.

Milton Keynes Dance Theatre

Milton Keynes Dance Theatre is a Dance Education project that provides an organic creative environment for the children of Milton Keynes and the region to develop and perform.

Its mission is to give students the experience of being involved in professional-level theatre productions without needing to head to the major cities. They aim to educate in a friendly, creative and inclusive environment.

Storytelling Through Dance

Dancers have, for centuries, brought stories to life through movement. From facial gestures to the point of a foot, slow movements to more expressive and exaggerated ones are all part of telling the audience what is going on.

It doesn’t matter what the style is or if different genres come together, their ultimate goal is the same. The dancer’s movement becomes the voice that helps to captivate the imagination of the person watching as story develops. Music adds another dimension, the choice of instruments, sound level, beat and rhythm add to the emotion. Deeper stronger sounds create tension while the softer ones mimic the gentle movements of curiosity, sadness or even love.