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What Random Acts of Kindness Will You Do?

Random Acts of Kindness bring recipients so much happiness. Imagine how you feel when someone for no reason, without spending anytime thinking about it does something nice for you. These simple acts can make all the difference to how someone feels.

By Lauren Plummer

Random Acts of Kindness Week happens every February, around the middle of the month. This year, the Random Acts of Kindness Week is between 13-19 February 2022 and the Day is 17 February.

This week is specifically dedicated towards being kind to everyone around you, whether this is a friend, teacher or parent. There is no limit to the number or type of acts of kindness you can do. In fact, the more acts of kindness the better!

Involve Your School

Many schools will be celebrating this week, but if they are not, try to find a way to work with them to make it happen.  However, along with school activities, there are things you can do yourself, to show kindness to the people around you. For example, a very simple but thoughtful act of kindness would be holding the door open for someone. An even greater act of kindness would be tidying the house for parents and carers. Imagine the smiles on your parent’s faces when they see your clothes in your draws and not on the floor!

Any act of kindness will be appreciated by the person you are helping, however kindness isn’t always shown through helpfulness, you can also pay compliments to people. Tell them how much you like their shoes, their hair or their smile.  Don’t stop there, you can also do acts of kindness for your environment. Pick up the litter in your street or walk or cycle to school instead of asking for a lift in the car.

Big or Small

However big or small your random acts of kindness are, you will still have taken part in random acts of kindness week!

Helping or being kind to others will benefit your mental health as well as that of the recipient’s. Remember acts of kindness are not about spending lots of money!

Get some ideas:

There are lots of UK websites to give you ideas for what you can do however, take a look the American website Random Acts of Kindness