Image showing a young girl in a red teeshirt holding a round red tomato to her nose for Red Nose Day

Save The Date – Red Nose Day 2022

March 18, 2022 sees the 33rd Comic Relief Red Nose Day! Like me, many of you probably remember that very first episode. (Obviously for me, I only vaguely remember being as young as I am!!)

By Emma Johnson

Joking aside, it’s incredible to think that it is that long ago, 34 years, since Lenny Henry and Richard Curtis founded the Comic Relief Charity. They set it up in response to the famine in Ethopia. I even remember Lenny going to Ethopia and the shock of seeing those people suffering back in 1988.

Over 30 million people watched and raised a massive £15 million. By 1999 Comic Relief raised £35 million. We’re not sure if it was ‘the most naked people on stage at one time event or purely the generosity of people. That figure almost doubled to £61.6 million in 2003 and that grew year on year with over £1 billion raised each year between 2011 and 2015. Even during the pandemic in 2021, we the British public donated £55,028,00.

The Difference it Makes

The donations make a massive difference to communities across the world. From the UK to the farest corner it has for some been the difference between a life of povety and opportunity to grown and develop as children should. Very sadly, the pandemic has created additional issues for many of the poorest in societies. This makes these funds even more essential than ever.

You Can Help – Order Your Red Nose Day Pack

We can all join in and register for the free fundraising packs. The packs give ideas, tips and resources to help with fundraising. You can raise money with your school, family, work or as an individual.