The Big Plastic Count – Sign up

If you are anything like me, you’ll have come to hate using plastic. I avoid it where I can and when I do use it, I am for reusable plastics.

My simple tips are:

  • Swap cling film for a reusuable tub with a lid
  • Also swap cling film for Urban Beelievers beeswax wraps
  • If I succumb to a take-away I reuse the containers for freezing food

I’d love to say avoid buying in the first place … but that is almost impossible one at this time. I have children, they eat cereal and don’t always want my sugar-free, plastic free porridge or homemade muesli. That all comes in plastic. Probably like you I don’t have a massive budget and have to go for the cheaper options that are usually only sold with plastic packaging.

When I think about it, I am totally shocked at the amount of plastic that goes through my household. Once it was a full dustbin, now it is a full recycling bin. We haven’t reduced waste but we simply swapped what we do with it.

These are the reasons that I am really keen to take part in this survey:


16-22 May 2022

Greenpeace and Everyday Plastic have created the event, which is the UK’s biggest nationwide investigation into household plastic waste, to find out exactly how much plastic we use every day.

I think if we were all to participate we’d be shocked. They’re also gathering evidence about what happens to it.

It’s not just for individuals Greenpeace and Everyday Plastic wants us all to take part:

  • households
  • schools
  • community groups
  • businesses

Once they’ve gathered the evidence they want the government to commit to:

  • reducing single use plastic by 50% by 2025.
  • getting everyone to switch to reusable options that work for everyone
  • ban sending our waste to other countries.

This could force the government to finally take action of plastic



Sign up, and The Big Plastic Count will send you a free pack with everything you need to do. All on recycled paper and plastic free.


Basically we need to count all the plastic packaging we throw away for one week, between 16-22 May. Once we’ve counted, we submit out results on their website.

Website: SUBMIT


The Big Plastic Count will give us a personal plastic footprint to reveal what really happens to plastic when it leaves our homes.  That’s the bit that is going to scare me – I am already thinking cereals, cat food packets, crisps and more.

When they have all the results they’ll get an idea of what is happening around the whole of the UK.  The biggest test is probably going to be getting the government to listen and take action.

More information:

Website: The Big Plastic Count

Websites: Greenpeace  & Everyday Plastic