15 reasons to stay local

At Essentially Local we’ve always believed in supporting local and there are at least 15 reasons! Local brings economic, social, and environmental benefits to a community. Even though some people are only just seeing the value, we and many others have been highlighting the benefits for years.

Small Business UK wrote one of our favourite articles in 2018. Incredible to think that this was before the pandemic. It’s brilliant because it highlights 15 reasons why you should shop at a local company. Not just the shops though! We believe in the value of a local trades and health and wellbeing business too.

All about the brand

Buying from larger organisations means you are simply buying into the marketing of a big brand. They tell you they are better and you believe them! Which do you prefer? What are your reasons for choosing brands over local? We love the individuality and personal touch of going local.

Whose decision is it?

Brands often aim to make you feel like they’ll give the guarantees. In reality, they are simply taking away your decision-making. Think about it this way, if you buy coffee from a High Street business, they sell the experience as being the same wherever you go. I have the latte 10 times already, I like it so I won’t go anywhere else or try and anything different. In some instances, they’ll even say the same words of introduction. In truth, isn’t it nicer to talk to someone because they want to talk to you, rather than because it is part of the script? Don’t you think there is something rather exciting about going into a shop and discovering new products that you won’t find in the supermarket?

Time of day

Reports tell us that 60% of us used the local convenience store during lock-down. Were you one of those people? Interestingly, it wasn’t just about the products or safety, for many people it was about seeing a friendly face. A face that understands your situation and knows what you are going through.

Yes, although not everyone will get it right all of the time, that’s human nature, at this moment, it is good to have someone other than the wall or cat to talk to. Consider this, where would your Grandma be without the friendly hello from the corner shop or post office?

We dare you

Our challenge for the week is to choose one local business or service that you have never used before and buy from them. Think about how you feel, think about the benefits it could have brought. Consider if you hadn’t bought from them what would you have done? Then let us know about your experience – whatever it is, good, bad or indifferent. We’d also love you to think about one of the 15 reasons to stay local and what benefits your decision made. What could it have brought to the community, environment, the business and local economy?