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Are Your Bored Of Feeling Unfit?

It’s the New Year, 2022 and are you bored of feeling unfit? Then, congratulations on even thinking about joining Happy Bodies Gym this January.

by Laura Bowley

Why? Well thinking about your fitness is your first step to getting fitter, feeling happier, improving your health and even losing weight.

And remember, this is also your first positive move to achieving your New Year goal – weight loss, fitness or health. We know that making the call to sign up is probably still quite scary. I imagine you are thinking that you won’t fit the media image of a regular gym- goer – wrong body shape, age, clothes or shoes. Yes, we know you’d probably prefer to hide away than let anyone see just how about you feel.

But Stop Right There!

Step away from those thoughts, that’s if you really want to improve your health and fitness.

If you want to feel body confident and mentally strong let us at Happy Bodies start you on your health and fitness journey.

  1. We’ll start by designing your bespoke training plan.
  2. Next, we’ll help you to join our fitness classes
  3.  Along with this, we’ll teach you to get maximum benefit from our gym equipment.
  4. Most of all we’ll help you to set realistic and achievable goals.

Why Happy Bodies?

By being part of our community gym, you will become part of a team of like-minded people all offering support to each other. Afterall, a gym isn’t just about January! Health and fitness takes time to build.

We want you to enjoy the time in the gym, feel welcome and supported. When you do, we know you will get your best results so that you can live your best healthy life.

So if you are really bored of feeling unfit, come get motivated and don’t put off making that call today:

Tel: 01908 477066
Happy Bodies Website: