Image showing Mary Sarre planting a tree for Stony in Bloom

Commemorating Mary Sarre 1945-2021

Stony in Bloom is a completely voluntarily run group that is based in Stony Stratford. Because of their work and commitment to the area, we live in a town to be proud of. The following writing is in commemoration of Mary Sarre who was a key member of this group from the very beginning.

Commemorating Mary Sarre

by Judy Deveson, Chair of Stony Stratford in Bloom

Stony in Bloom volunteers were deeply saddened by the death of Mary Sarre on November 20th last year.  Mary was a trained garden designer and had been SSIB’s horticultural advisor since SSIB first began. We relied on her horticultural wisdom for all that we did.

On February 11th 2022, we commemorated Mary’s crucial contribution to the success of Stony Stratford in Bloom. SSIB volunteers, joined by members of the Natural History Society, planted a Paperbark Maple tree in the 4 Seasons Garden on Calverton/Augustus Road. This is one of the many beautiful flower beds in the town which she designed.

When we approached Acorn Nurseries to buy the Paperbark Maple, they insisted on donating the tree and the labour as they held her in such high esteem.  Donations poured in for the tree and volunteers also donated. The funds will, therefore, be used to make sure that the 4 Seasons Garden will always look as lovely as Mary would have wanted it to be.

Her husband, Phil, and Ray Cobley, dug the hole for the tree. When it was placed, all those gathered scooped in a little compost to complete the planting. Once standing proudly in place, everyone raised a glass in Mary’s memory.

We all learned so much from Mary: she will be sorely missed.

Stony in Bloom