Essentially Local Christmas Drawing Competition 2021

Shout-out – Christmas Drawing Competition 2021

It’s our annual shout-out to Young Artists for the Christmas Drawing Competition. Get your entry to the Stony Sweet Shop by 12 noon on 9 October 2021.

by Emma Johnson

If your child loves Christmas as much as they love draw and colour, then this is the competition for them.  Our Annual Christmas Drawing Competition is open and waiting to see their gorgeous Christmas pictures.

What do you Need to Do?

  1. Use brightly coloured felt pens or paint
  2. Take an A4 sheet of paper
  3. Let your imagination run away with you
  4. Create your picture
  5. Take your finished picture to the Stony Sweet Shop, Stony Stratford

What do we Do?

  1. We take your pictures in. Once we’ve got all the pictures, we then ask a group of lovely people to judge. They choose the ones they think should be featured on the front of the Essentially Local magazine.
  2. We scan every picture for our advent countdown on social media. This means that every day from 1-25 December 2021, you will be able to look at our FB and Instagram accounts for the pictures. At some time during this advent your lovely picture to appear. Of course, we love nothing better than writing a few words to let you know what we think of your picture.
  3. After this, we mount every picture on some lovely coloured card, print out your name and then put the pictures into an exhibition. Normally, we hold the exhibition in the Stony Stratford Library. This year might be a little different. The library is being transformed – read more here and it might not be ready in time! I promise, we are all keeping our fingers crossed.
  4. A little extra. This year we plan to create a video of all the pictures on our YouTube channel for an extra little memory. You’ll also be able to share this with friends and family who are far away.

A Couple of Little Things to Remember

  1. We don’t accept computer drawings
  2. All pictures must be original and hand-drawn
  3. Please don’t use glitter and high-lighter pens don’t show up
  4. Put the picture in an envelope and don’t bend it
  5. Take care with your entry. We are not responsible for any entry that is lost, delayed, misplaced or incomplete or cannot be delivered for any reason. Proof of delivery of entry is not proof of receipt.

Who can enter?

If you between 4-12 years of age, send in your entry to the competition. If you are older or younger, we’d love to see your picture. It might not be entered into the competition but we’d love to include it in our exhibition.

Parents and Carers

Dear parents and carers please make sure you include your details, a contact number and email address with the entry for the drawing competition. This is the way we’ll get in touch to let you know all about the winners, the exhibition and anything else.

We won’t bombard you with any advertising material – that’s not what this is all about!

We’ll keep your information for as long as the competition runs and make sure you confirm you are happy for us to use your information like this.

We don’t normally return pictures but you are welcome to go and collect your child’s picture at the end of the exhibition.

For details about the Stony Sweet Shop 

Telephone:  01908 262728

Address: Stratford Arcade, 75 High St, Stony Stratford, Milton Keynes MK11 1AY