Image showing Datis, Suzanne and Emma organising essentially social @BTH MK

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6-8pm, Wednesday, 9 February, 2022

Brewery Tap House MK, Stonebridge


By Emma, Suzanne and Datis

Join us for this winning social combination of chat and support, along with delicious food and drink.

Brewery Tap House MK and Essentially Local owners have launched Essentially Social @BTH especially for small business owners like you.

So, if you own, run or manage a small to medium sized business within Milton Keynes, Bucks or South Northants we’d love to meet you.  We promise you’ll love this gathering after all the isolation and those awful video meetings, even though they save you time and make sense! Now is the time when we small business owners can finally get together for a chat and to share our stories.

What makes it worth going?

We have 5 great reasons for you to come along:

1.Great Drinks and Food – organic pizza, olives and beers and more. I mean why wouldn’t you?

The next best reason:

2. Fabulous Company – small business owners know how it is and always help each other!

And who doesn’t love to know more?:

3.  Everyone has a story – chat with others and hear their story – business, personal or something else.

And of course:

4.  It’s Not Just Business –  feeling lonely – you could meet your NBF with a bit of grown up social chat

It’s without:

5.  The Hype – none of the latest buzz words or 30 embarrassing second introductions. We’ll introduce you to others

To Book your Place

There are limited places for essentially social @BTH MK so make sure you book now.

Brewery Tap House MK

COVID guidelines will be applied

Essentially Local – 01908 380777 

Brewery Tap House – 01908 590054 

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