Five tips for a perfect lawn next year

Most people are thinking about putting their lawn mowers away and preparing for winter. However, to get your lawn ready for next spring there are still some important jobs to do.

Clare and Ray have run the Milton Keynes branch of GreenThumb Lawn Care for the last 18 years and share 6 top tips from their extensive knowledge:

One – Mowing

Mow your lawn regularly whilst it
is still growing. Gradually raise your mower blade to keep grass height to about an inch and always make sure your blades are sharp.

Two – Leaves

Leaves on the lawn prevent sunlight from reaching the grass. This
stops the plant from producing chlorophyll, leaves turn pale yellow instead of green and eventually die off. Clear the leaves!

Three – Aeration

In this area, most lawns grow on a compacted clay sub-surface. As a result the grass’ root system weakens because rain and nutrients cannot penetrate. In winter the sitting rainwater encourages moss to grow, while in the summer water is not absorbed effectively. Professional aeration penetrates the soil to allow the root zone to breathe as well as improve the uptake of nutrients and surface water drainage.

Four – Scarification

Over the summer grass grows vigourously. The stems, roots and leaves accumulate and mix with decaying organic matter to create a mat of thatch on the surface. This mat prevents moisture, oxygen and nutrients reaching the grass roots and creates the perfect medium for moss to thrive. A scarification machine reduces the amount of thatch enabling new grasses to thrive in the spring.

Five – Top Dressing and Seeding

Reseeding bare areas and applying a top-dressing to the entire lawn will create a thicker and lusher lawn for the next year. September is a good time because the weather is just warm enough for grass seed to germinate.


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