Love your home – it is your sanctuary

It’s time to love your home. There’s little surprise that homes have become a warm and welcoming sanctuary during 2021. To put it simply, we’re talking a home where the heart is, so away with that modern minimalist interior.

Happy memories

We’re already well into 2021, yet you can still achieve the look. In fact, it’s time to get nostalgic and add a truly personal touch by finding your crafty self! Experts say that you’ll create harmony with vintage, country cottage, gingham or chinzy products and ideas. Yes, a slight step back in time maybe, but certainly beautiful and homely. It’ll give you the comfort that we all need right now. Since we love local, go to suppliers like GDads just outside Haversham. Of course, there are others – The Siren Vintage in Stony as well as Age Concern at Kiln Farm. They are all great local resources.

Make a statement

With this in mind, to make the real statement you need to inject character. Whatever the age of your home it’s about balancing old with new – slumpy armchairs, rugs, carpets. Similarly, look for antique, salvaged or retro furniture – real wood is best, embrace the texture and grain. In addition, it’s not about the perfect finish it’s about creating a look that fits your mood, character and home. Local business The Old Joinery Workshop have years of experience in creating bespoke furniture and cupboard to fit awkward spaces.

The right flooring can help to update your home – there are now options that are easier to maintain, eco-friendly and will give the wow factor that you deserve. Talk to Stony based CarpetWise for excellent advice and a full range of products.

Turn your attention to the walls and build cohesive colours around a natural earthy comforting colour palette. We are talking browns, rusts, warm greens. Next, work out the best solutions with our painters and decorators. After that, look to your soft furnishings, traditional and classic fabrics give charm and a lived in feel. Samantha Watts Soft Furnishings has great ideas about how to create texture, warmth and happy memories. Make sure you discuss curtains, cushions and throws with her.


We’ve moved from stark minimalism to a touch of organised clutter is the way to go. Take care with what you choose though! Once again, coloured glassware, mismatched crockery and items of curiosity from Gdad’s and others will provide the escapism and sense of fun that we need. Use your imagination to get inventive.

Go green

Greenery is essential for a happy home. Add some vibrance with beautiful plants – colourful blooms as well as pots filled with greenery, even hang from your home-made macramé plant hanger. They bring colour, freshen the air, filter pollutants and release oxygen. Speak to Back to the Fuchsia and Branch-Out.

A decorative emporium

Lighting will make or break a room and these days  the selection is incredible. Whatever your style, light up your space with fringed floor lamps, ornate candelabras and glass chandeliers. Don’t just look at the style, consider the eco-friendliness and choose LED bulbs, they’ll also save you money. Of course, you can also reclaim rooms with statement lighting mirrors and make sure you keep the aged character.

Keeping up with the speed

Now your home looks good, it doesn’t mean you can’t modernise your communication and media systems. Internet speeds suffered during lockdown with the sheer numbers of us using it while working from home or doing school work and meetings.  If your speed is suffering before you invest in faster speeds get to the root of the problem.

Rule it out 
  • Check for programmes that slow and viruses.
  • Reset your modems and router.
  • Move away from Radios, TVs, fridges etc  emit interfering radio frequencies.
  • Provider traffic management slowing peak time traffic.
  • Weaken and slow signals due to your distance from a telephone exchange.
  • The 49 other people who share your connection could be causing congestion particularly at peak time,
  • 8-10pm.
Home set up

WiFi signals can weaken the further your device is from the router. Other interferences include hiding the router in a cabinet, lots of walls, especially thick solid ones or even insulation. Protocols are now upgraded in newer wireless routers and while still compatible older wireless computer cards you won’t benefit from the speeds and ranges.

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