OH RATS! Call in the professionals

One or two, or an infestation of rats, whatever you have, call in the professionals. Rats can spread serious disease and they love a warm, cosy environment. That includes sheds, greenhouses, composts and even your house. Tunnels and runs are a sign that they may be close by! If you hear scurrying in your attic at night take note! You are at risk that some furry friends have made themselves a home, especially in the cold winter months. Found rats – call in the professionals!

Tops tips to reduce their happiness in your home and garden:

  • Remove access to water, food and shelter
  • Prevent their access to bird feeders
  • Reduce scraps on compost heaps
  • Remove access to chicken runs or hedgehog food.
  • Be sure to clear rubbish
  • Keep grass short
  • Reduce overgrown shrubs.
  • Block access to the space under decks, sheds and garage
  • Put obstacles in their way.

Not only that, if you are proud of the produce of your vegetable garden, rats will be too. They will happily chomp their way through most harvested vegetables and seeds, so store them well away from any access points.

You can attempt to get rid of mice infestations yourself with amateur poisons and traps purchased from hardware stores and garden centres. However, due to mice habits, these traditional baiting techniques and trapping frequently do not work. If this is the case it may be necessary to use a combination of rodenticides not available to the public.

Don’t trust the cat – call in the professionals

The British Pest Control Association always recommends contacting a professional pest control company for any rat infestation. Killem / Rentakeeper are trained in rat control and have access to a range of professional use rodenticides which are not available to you. They will handle them in a safe and professional manner and reduce risks to humans and other mammals. If you’ve found rats, call in the professionals.

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