Stay garden safe, legal and secure

Last year, STIHL estimated that we spent a staggering £16 billion on perfecting our gardens! That included spends on tools, garden seating, pots and plants. Not only are our gardens looking better than ever, possibly one to two items within will be of interest to the local burglars! Stay garden safe and take action now before it’s too late.

Improve your security

Burglars love the things that are easy to move and easy to sell on. They also love homes with good hiding places and limited security measures. If the prize is good enough, however, some heartless burglars will stop at nothing.

There are no end of deterrents on the market that will put the crooks off and will help to give you the warnings you need. Door bells with cameras or digital door viewers mean you can check who is there before opening the door. Don’t overlook the obvious, simple inexpensive security measures like a ‘Police Approved’ door chain to protect you and your home.

If you do go high tech, with CCTV check that you comply with the data protection laws.

Love they noisy neighbour

You may love your overgrown hedges but so do the burglars, because they make your garden safe. They create perfect hiding places for thieves and possibly their swag. The police advice that you should maintain and keep your front hedges low. You should also love the nosy neighbour, by giving that extra vigilant neighbour a clear view of your home, they could save you thousands.

Your gravel may be a noisy deterrent, but burglars will still try to grab those opportunities! A badly fitted door and lock will leave your home vulnerable, whatever its construction. Stronghold Lock and Safe can review and upgrade your door and window locks to the latest anti drill/pick British Standard ones – most insurance companies expect it. Keep your home and garden safe!

Perfect path

As we say, gravel is noisy but if the gravel path leads through to an easily accessible back garden, thieves won’t care. Install a solid, high and lockable side gate to create a barrier to burglars. Bolts, padlocks or sophisticated key and number pads won’t fix the hinges that can lift off. Don’t forget little is garden safe if a burglar is determined enough.

Fence it in

Make sure you install a fence around your back and side gardens. If a potential burglar can get in through the back, there is a chance that they’ll be less likely to be seen. There are hundreds of options on the market.

Why not give your back fence and garden the wow factor with these gorgeous options from the Structured Fence Company? These oxidised steel woven fences will blend perfectly with any style and planting – modern and contemporary or more traditional. Their natural look also provides a strong, long lasting structure. Can’t afford the whole area? Choose one panel that blends with timber panels.

Whatever fencing you choose, for added security and to make your garden safe grow a couple of pretty climbing roses or other spiky specimens up them.

Know the law

Check the rules before you install a new fence! In some conservation areas you may be restricted in what you are allowed to do. You will also need to consider the height and impact on your neighbours if you don’t want to fall out. Take note – certain products may see you in trouble, in particular take care when using barbed wire.

Shed a light

Intruders love nothing better than a power tool! Lock them into your shed, but better still, lock your tools into a lockable box inside your locked shed. Engrave your name and postcode onto the tools or consider burning it on or using an ultraviolet pen. Finally fix a movement activated security light and it’s unlikely they’ll bother you!

Temptation to take extreme measures

The police believe crime prevention tools will mean more thieves leave empty-handed.

  • Remote CCTV

Watch your property from your smart phone, wherever you are.  Don’t be tempted to confront the intruders – call 999 first. Take note when it comes to filming, you may get into trouble if you are collecting footage on shared driveways without permission – it’s not legal! Make sure you only collect footage of your own house and give the relevant warnings.

  • Reasonable measures

The law allows you to protect your property, unless measures cause injury. Avoid the barbed wire at the top of your fence or shards of glass on your wall. You may not believe it but if an intruder gets injured breaking into your property they could take action against you!

  • Barking dogs

Too many barking beasts will not only annoy the neighbours, if they bite, once again the intruder could take action. Be reasonable and make sure you warn people about your dogs.

  • The small print

Check what your household insurance policy actually covers. You may need extra cover for items in your garden. The shed, other outbuildings, expensive unsecured plants and garden furniture may miss out on being replaced unless actually stated they are covered. And, if you have wandering Silkie Bantam Chucks or Indian Blue Peafowl (Peacocks) to enhance your garden, it is highly likely they’ll need separate insurance.

  • Grilles and bars

It might sound like an extreme measure but if it makes you feel safe, bars or grilles can give that essential reassurance.

  • Security alarms

Dummy alarms are unlikely to fool experienced burglars but they might help put off the opportunist one.  Check the trademark, if you use it when not permitted you could face a fine for infringement of copyright.


Aside from installing a burglar alarm system, there’s a range of ways to make your home safer. Have a look at each possible access point to your home and garden (doors, gates and windows). If they could be improved do it! If you decide on an alarm system check out reviews on-line before you make your mind up. Consider choosing a security company to assess your needs. Before you do however, check to see that Trading Standards or another reputable association approves them – get that extra confidence.