Three greener ways to transform your garden

The RHS predicts that our gardens will be transformed to adapt to the changes in weather. There are likely to be more storms, periods of rain and drought as well as hotter temperatures. The changes have implications for wildlife yet simple garden solutions can help.

Pond life

Diseases and fungi are killing indigenous pond frogs meaning they could vanish within 50 years, made worse by warmer weather. Ponds and wildlife areas help these amazing pest controllers as they devour the slugs, snails and insects who eat our garden produce! Keep the pond small and deep with an area of shallow access, add log piles, shade and cool areas.

Old ways with weeds

Your kitchen cupboard offers safe, simple solutions for managing weeds. Dissolve 3 parts salt to 1 part water and spray the weeds, but avoid the grass on your lawn. Alternatively vinegar or alcohol destroy all that they touch, use on the smaller, less deep-rooted weeds, particularly on driveways. Don’t replant the area for while though.

Pruning trees

Manage the size and shape of trees by pruning – late summer is usually the best as healing is quicker. Take professional advice to reduce risk of damage and ensure you are not breaking any tree preservation orders.