Get hunting in Stony

Local Stony Stratford company, Rectangle Red, have created a free APP that allows you to go on a photo hunt around Stony Stratford.

Simply download the free app onto your phone and away you go. You’ll walk along a highlighted route trying to spot the 20 photos shown in the gallery.  Scroll through, left or right to see the images and when you think you’ve found the picture simply click ‘found it’.

You’ll get a message and if you’re right the picture will go green making it easier to see which photos are left to find.  Of all the 20 photos to find, some will be easier than others.

They’ve even added a list of local coffee shops, so if you fancy a break click on coffee and it will list places in those that are closest to you.

Rectangle Red is a software consultancy business in Stony Stratford.  They write bespoke software systems for small to medium sized businesses to help them achieve more for their customers.  They also write apps, web portals and server based systems and databases across a wide variety of sectors and applications as well as offering support for existing systems.  The reason for the recent app is because they wanted to give something back to the community and support the high street.  This is the first photo hunt but more are in development for other local towns.

To download the app go to the app store and simple search for Photo Hunt Stony Stratford or visit the website where you’ll find the links to the app stores