Sharing the pure pleasure of the pioneers of flight

Milton Keynes Aviation Society loves to share the pure pleasure of the pioneers of flight. From designers, pilots and missions this is the group that discover, observe and simply enjoy all things aircraft. The excitement as the engines rev and the great lumps of metal hurtle down the runway never ceases for these enthusiasts.

If, like the current members, you are one of those fascinated by the history and power of the air take a look at what’s on offer at Milton Keynes Aviation Society.

Milton Keynes may not operate a substantial or dedicated airport there are many close by. This does not stop those enthusiasts who first got together in 2000. They have now built up a following of over 130 dedicated aviation fans. The group is also a regional branch of Air Britain that takes an interest in all aspects of flight.

Join similar-minded people and enjoy some great membership benefits. These include:

Milton Keynes Aviation Society member benefits

  • Monthly meetings – On the 2nd Tuesday of each month high-quality speakers presenting various subjects. Their recent topics have covered the Berlin Airlift, de Havilland aircraft at Sea and Hawker Hunter Variants. During COVID restrictions the group continued to hold lecture programmes using Zoom. This meant members could stay in touch and listen in. As restrictions begin to lift, they will once again, hold lectures in their Kents Hill venue, in Milton Keynes.
  • Signature lecture – Once a year the group try to run lectures at a larger venues. In the past these have included first-hand tales of flying the SR-71 Blackbird and also Concorde.
  • Down memory lane – These zoom evening meetings mean members can share photos from past trips and visits. They can cover “exotic” locations such as Russia and Japan as well as UK events as far back as the 1970s.
  • Monthly newsletter – Their much-applauded newsletter includes articles covering all eras and interests in aviation.
  • Visits – the group aims to get out to museums/collections, manufacturers, restoration projects and airbases. The pandemic caused their temporary suspension but should hopefully restart soon.
  • Competition – Every year they hold an annual photographic competition.
  • Social events  It’s not all planes, this sociable group enjoy nothing better than a get-together for local pub quizzes and more.


Milton Keynes Aviation Society membership costs just £22 per year but non-members are very welcome to attend meetings for just £5.

For more details visit:

Contact Chris Bosworth via email or 07860 629494 for more information and a sample newsletter.