stony lights

Stony Lights Need You!

We are the Stony Lights Volunteer Team and we need your help!  

by Ian Welbourne

Every year The Stony Lights Committee organise the exciting lights and events that take place during the day of the Stony Lantern Procession and Light-Switch On. 

We now need your help to make sure this fantastic event runs smoothly, efficiently and safely.

Could YOU be the Team Leader we Need?

We are looking for a Team Leader to help manage the volunteers. They are the ones who build and remove the Switch-On stage on the Market Square on the day of the event. This is a vital role and it is not arduous. The volunteers must be able to erect and disassemble the stage quickly at the beginning and end of the day.

Could you and would like to help us out?

If so, please contact me.

Other Roles

If you would like to contribute on a voluntary basis but don’t feel you can take on the team leader role, we’d also love to hear from you.

Get In Touch

Please contact Ian Welborn 

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Stony Stratford boasts one of the largest and most attractive displays of Christmas Lights anywhere in the country. People regularly travel long distances to enjoy our spectacular Christmas Lights and the other attractions that Stony Stratford has to offer.

The former Stony Stratford Chamber of Trade started this seasonal tradition in 1961. In 2012 we celebrated the 50th Anniversary of our wonderful Christmas Lights. Stony Stratford Business Association took over organisation, however now a separate committee Christmas Lights at Stony Stratford (CLASS) are responsible. This small and dedicated team of hardworking volunteers creates a fabulous Christmas event. In the build-up, David Odell and his team spend time in cherrypickers and up ladders erecting cables putting up lights. They also put up the Christmas trees, and a whole range of other stuff to create the Christmas winter magic.

Thank you to Stony Lights for permission to use the photograph.