Tune your piano with Wilsons Piano

Tune into Your Piano

Tune into your piano because it is more than a musical instrument. It provides the player with an outlet to be creative, express themselves and escape! We say tune your piano to continue enjoying playing it.

by Sophie Wilson

I’m Sophie and I tune pianos. After playing for many years, completing playing and theory exams I became fascinated with the mechanics of the piano. In fact, so fascinated that I decided to train in tuning them! In 2020 I set up my piano tuning business.

My Training

Steven Droy mentored me. Steven is from the Piano Technology School, one of the only and most respected Piano Technology schools in the UK. It, definitely, cemented my belief in preserving the piano trade. Every small part of a piano has a large part to play in the overall function of this unique instrument. This is why I want to contribute to making your piano the best it can be, for the longest it can be.

While I was studying there, I learned about aural tuning and how to tune by using new state-of-the-art technology. This integrated approach helps to make sure your piano sounds its best. I really can achieve a beautifully sounding piano that pleases both the software and the ears.

My Experience

My experience spans a wide range of ages, makes, and models of piano and I’d love to work on yours.  Pianos should be tuned at least every 6 months to preserve the sound and mechanics. Once you start to neglect your instrument, you’ll hear the detrimental effect when trying to play.

Your Piano

Not only can I tune your piano, I can also carry out light repair work to more invasive work. If it is a full restoration for piano needs, I can put you in touch with the right person. My service area is a 15-20 mile radius around Milton Keynes including surrounding villages. So, if your piano needs tuning, cleaning, servicing or repairs give me a call and I’ll make it look and sound its best!

Get in Touch With Me

To find out more give me a call, check my website or email me.

Phone:  01908 521585 or 07957 812881

Website: Wilson Pianos

Email: wilsonpianos@talktalk.net


About Me

I have played the piano for 8 years and I have an incredible passion and love for the instruments and the capabilities they have. I completed grades 1,3,5,6 and 8 in performance in 5 years, and I am currently playing at diploma level.

In addition to performance, I have also achieved grades 1,3, and 5 in music theory. This gives me a great advantage in understanding the technological aspect of piano tuning.