Classic Stony returns

The Stony Car Festival now known as Classic Stony returns this August bringing along an exciting array of revving engines and burning rubber! Or rather, proud owners keen to impress visitors with their sparkling bonnets, sleek profiles, and classic designs. Last summer wasn’t quite the same without this iconic event.

We are excited to learn that the event will now take place on 29 August. This is great news for the event which was originally planned for July. Social distancing is likely to still be in place, so make sure you follow the rules at this volunteer-led show.

Enjoy and give generously

Enthusiasts from all over head to Stony Stratford’s Classic Car Festival as its reputation for its extensive and varied display of vehicles has grown. The town of Stony Stratford is the perfect location. Stony is immersed in the history of travel. In fact, for centuries it has famously accommodated travellers and their horses! Just like in times gone by, Stony’s many pubs, cafes, and restaurants can’t wait to welcome visitors once again. Likewise, the many shops around the town are likely to be open for visitors.

Remember to take a few pennies in August, because although the event is free, the organisers aim to raise funds for Willen Hospice. The organisers welcome any generous donation that you can manage. We’ll aim to bring you more information about the event closer to the date if you are visiting.

Display your vehicle

It sounds like the Classic Stony Team can’t wait to see your classic or vintage car or motorcycle if it is over 25 years old. They’ll also welcome the owners of fascinating supercars or other unusual ones. If you aren’t sure if your car meets the criteria, you can check with them at You can book and reserve a space for your car by giving a donation of at least £10. Alternatively for a minimum donation of £5 can turn up on the day to display your car. These donations are non-refundable if the event can not go ahead for any reason – proceeds are going to Willen Hospice though!

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