Ginger and white family cat licking itself. the importance of getting your loved cat micro-chipped

When Micro-Chips Are Good For You

I bet you didn’t know that chips can be good for you?  Well at least your cat! And, if you haven’t had your cat micro-chipped yet, talk to your vet.  The government has held lengthy consultations which pointed to overwhelming support to make cat chipping compulsory.

by Emma Johnson

Animal welfare groups expect that the government will implement the proposed compulsory changes for owners to chip their cats. Under the rules, official bodies will give you 21 days notice to get your cat chipped. Therefore, if you choose not to chip your cat, they could fine you £500. This applies to all cats over the age of 20 weeks. Along with compulsory chipping, all cat owners will have to store and keep their contact details up to date with a pet chipping microchipping database.

Cost vs Benefits

For the cost, there are benefits for your cat and you. Vets and rescue centres will find it easier to reunite lost, stolen or injured cats with their owners. In addition, if your cat loses its life on the road, it will also make it easier for the authorities to let you know. Most vets charge between £20-30 to chip your cat. If you adopt a cat through the RSPCA or Cats Protection they will come fully chipped and vaccinated. It is a painless procedure and your cat won’t even need time to recover.

And the Numbers

According to the Cats Protection League, at least eight of the 10 stray cats in their care at any one time are unchipped. Sadly this means that it is highly likely that the animal welfare organisations won’t find the owner. As a result, the caring organisations who take the cats in, have to rehome these unchipped, yet loved pets with new owners.  In effect, the stats show that 26% of owners haven’t had their furry friends micro-chipped.

Owners often have good and legitimate reasons why they don’t get their pets micro-chipped. Firstly, cat owners may not understand the benefits. Secondly, the costs to get the chip inserted may be prohibitively expensive. Finally, some owners are possibly worried or don’t even know how to get it done.  Whatever the reason, you can get help and advice and if you love your pet, talk to local vets and animal charities for advice.

And for the Dogs

The government is also reviewing the dog microchipping regulations.  Initially, the review suggests that the government is committed to looking to make improvements to the database systems that form part of  the Action Plan for Animal Welfare.

For advice on Getting Your Pet Micro-chipped

Talk to these local Vets and Animal Charities:

RSPCA Milton Keynes and North Bucks

Cat Protection League

Milton Keynes Veterinary Group –  01908 563261   Visit the Website

The Vet Centre  – 01908 542155  Visit the Website