How to stop devastating injury – Snip the straps

The RSPCA is urging people to stop causing devastating injury to animals. They’re asking you to snip the straps on single-use face masks. You’ll not only prevent unnecessary injury but are potentially deadly to pets and wildlife.

Disposable face masks are a new hazard to wildlife. Since the start of Covid-19, there are increasing reports of animals becoming tangled in the ear straps.

We’re all aware of the importance of wearing face masks, yet we are throwing away thousands of single-use ones every day. This creates a great deal of waste and causes a negative impact on the environment.

Where possible, please consider environmentally friendly, reusable face masks. This will help to prevent incidents like the ones to the gull who was found to have a facemask tightly wrapped around his legs. Despite the swelling and injury to his legs, thankfully the bird made a full recovery.

If you suspect your pet has eaten a disposable face mask, please contact a vet for advice immediately. In the meantime, remember to ‘Snip the Straps’.

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