Photo showing food from KassiaStony

Mouth-watering Indian Tapas You’ll Love

Last month Kassia Indian Tapas enjoyed their grand opening.  They’re now serving mouth-watering Indian Tapas you’ll love as well as the old classics. Of course, good food is nothing without great staff organising, preparing, and cooking it. In fact, looking after us, the customer, is possibly equally, if not more, important. We talked to the people behind Stony’s new Indian restaurant to find out more.

by Emma  Johnson

The owners at Stony Stratford’s new Indian, Kassia, are all about building and being in the hub of local communities. Owner, Kaz, is determined to create a venue where local people can socialise, relax and enjoy good food. Community is possibly one of the main reasons that he chose Stony Stratford as his next venture after his successful Kassia in Portsmouth.

A simple conversation with an old friend and experienced business partner from the area was the start of Kassia, Stony. Kaz explained,

“It is the sense of community you get when you are in Stony that appealed. When you look around you see the wide range of independent businesses. We love this and being part of it.”

It was a brave, if not slightly crazy, decision to open so soon after lookdown. However, despite the hurdles, local people have welcomed this team and their vibrant restaurant. Of course, as passers-by, we watched the progress as the building took on its new look, wondering who and what was coming. Kaz and the team took their time to open because they felt it was essential to find the right contractors to create the feel they wanted. At the end of October, the grand opening finally took place.

Having arrived in a town so far from their other restaurant was risky – after all, no-one had heard of them, let alone Indian Tapas! So far they’ve loved every minute and so have their new customers. The community has welcomed them, giving really good feedback about their food, the cocktails, and the bar.

The People Behind Kassia Indian Tapas

Kaz who created the Kassia brand comes from Portsmouth. He is an experienced restauranteur with over 30 years in the trade. His humble beginnings as a kitchen assistant gave him the initial knowledge and at the same time, it sparked the yearning to develop his skill. He moved to assistant chef before finally becoming a head chef and building a portfolio of 9 restaurants.

Kaz joined forces with business partner Shelim, who he met when they worked together in Portsmouth. Shelim built his career in Milton Keynes while Kaz continued to develop his in Portsmouth. Several years later, Kaz knew that, jointly, their passion for food and hospitality were the right ingredients for success. Along with their dedication to food and customer service they are both keen to develop what they offer.

Behind the Scenes

Behind the scenes, Steph and Dan’s senior management skills provide the essential support to keep the operations running smoothly. This isn’t as straightforward as it may seem. However, bringing the best part of 15 years each within the hospitality industry has helped. After all, it’s not just about food! Every successful business needs someone to manage the finances and marketing!

Between them, Steph and Dan are really keen to share their knowledge of the Kassia brand and culture with the new Stony team. Handing over won’t be hard now they have a strong team in place.

Building the Team

New staff members have filled the positions and the team has grown as planned. There are still a few positions left for enthusiastic bar staff and food servers during the busy periods, particularly Christmas.

If you are interested, apply via the ‘Join Us’ page on the Kassia website. It’s a beautiful venue to work in with an already confident team.

Find out more on the Kassia Indian Tapas Website