The Stony Card Box - Ultimate guide to Christmas posting

Your Ultimate Guide to Christmas Posting

This is your ultimate guide to Christmas posting so that this year your loved ones are sure to receive your card on time.

by Emma Johnson

If you are anything like me, you realise the posting deadline was 3 weeks after the  you get round buying your Christmas cards!  This year I have tried to organise myself. I even nipped down the Stony Card Shop and bought one or lovely cards! Over the next couple of days I even plan to write one of the cards to send to my best friend in America!

That got me thinking! A rarity, some may say but, I thought as I had checked out the dates I would share them with you. If you feel like posting the occasional reminder on our social media

“Have you posted that card yet?”

All the better.

Post Early

The post office flyers say post early.  To be honest, as I ploughed through the literature, I didn’t find it that easy to understand. However, finally I found a useful page that was designed for people just like me!

I do have a few questions – I mean why does it takes longer to post to Portugal than Spain, Sweden than Finland. The joy of post!

Is there a difference between business mail and domestic mail. What do the different titles of types of postage really mean? I just want to post something and know the recipient has received it.

Anyway, we’ll do it by country, I decided to start with the most likely countries most of us will send to. I could be wrong on that score, so look for your destination.

Here goes:

United Kingdom

  • 2nd class post – Saturday 18 December
  • 1st class post – Tuesday, 21 December
  • Tracked 24 mail – Wednesday, 22 December
  • Special delivery guaranteed – Thursday, 23 December


Thursday, 16 December –  Austria, Belgium, Denmark, France, Germany, Iceland, Ireland, Luxembourg, Netherlands, Norway, Slovakia, Spain, Switzerland

Monday, 13 December – Canada, Czech Republic, Finland, Poland and USA

Saturday, 11 December – Eastern Europe (except Czech Republic, Poland and Slovakia), Turkey

Friday, 10 December – Cyprus, Malta and Sweden

Wednesday, 8 December – Africa, Central and South America, Asia, Far and Middle East

Monday, 6 December – Australia Greece, Italy, New Zealand and Portugal

Wednesday, 1 December – Caribbean

The Royal Mail are reporting ongoing delays caused by COVID restrictions. In addition there are continued issues with reduced air and freight capacity. Combine that with the weather, lots of extra mail to handle and you can see why the problems arise.

What’s the Answer?

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