How to make your food more sustainable

Make your food more sustainable by finding and eating local produce. It is one of the good things to have come out of the horrific pandemic. And, more of us are turning to local distributors, like My Refill Market, to buy our food products. My Refill is based in Stony Stratford, on the edge of Milton Keynes, and they offer an amazing range of dried foods, teas and coffee as well as cleaning products. Let’s start by looking at their delicious selection of pulses, though – one of our very favourite foods!

They’ve bean around a long time

Delicious beans and pulses were once a staple part of our diets. Wealthy 18th-century landowners banished them to the plates of the poor when meat became cheaper.

These days we export more of the pulses we grow than we eat, or use them for livestock feed. And the US and Canada supply us with most of the millions of baked beans we eat every day. In fact, cheaper new world beans even replaced one of our best – the Fava bean.

In 2015, new greening regulations encouraged farmers to introduce pulses to their rotation and crop production is steadily growing. Scarily, it is becoming more difficult to find GM-free varieties. This should surely be a good step?

Although pulses are pest and disease-prone, they are excellent pollinators and require less chemical nitrogen. Farmers are seeing increasing success since introducing pulses to their rotation. In 2019, Norfolk farmers harvested their first chickpeas. Luckily, more pulse eaters are savouring the taste of the British alternative – the Carlin Pea. It’s flavour and texture make it perfect for hummus and other chickpea-based dishes. Best of all My Refill Market has it on sale and their offering is locally produced.

Buy British

Pulses-eaters must take note of the origin of their beans. British grown means reducing the risk of illegal deforestation; we mustn’t forget the impact our demand for the wonder food ‘avocado’ had in Mexico. Based on this alone, why wouldn’t you want to support our distributors like Stony’s My Refill Market.

And finally

Beans are not only delicious, they’re incredibly healthy, filling and as we have shown they can be a sustainable food product and an great alternative to other proteins.

To be certain of the origins of your beans and pulses buy from “My Refill Market”, Stony Stratford. It’s simple, take a bag or jar and pay for the quantity you need. You won’t need to buy massive quantities that you don’t have room to store. There is no waste from extra bags and plastic. In addition, no air miles and less risk from deforestation mean reduced environmental impact! Best of all you’ll be supporting local producers and retailers.

What are you waiting for get to “My Refill Market’ to see the range of coffees, teas, pasta, pulses and all the other fantastic produce on sale.

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