Where to buy proper English breakfast ingredients

If you love a proper English Breakfast, then this hidden gem is for you. We found a few months ago and have been using them for all our meat products ever since.

Cranley Barn Farm offers the perfect solution to a proper English breakfast. You’ll find sausages, bacon and black pudding. The sausages come in an array of flavours and also chipolata and full size. The bacon comes in smoked and unsmoked and different cuts.

These are not any old sausage and once tasted you’ll realise how they beat the best offerings from any supermarket. The delicious sausages cook evenly because they don’t contain too much fat.

The bacon doesn’t shrink, simply put there is no added water that isn’t really needed anyway! It’s full of flavour and texture and while you may need several rashers of cheaper varieties, you will only require one or two from Cranley Barn Farm.

Love it or hate it, there is little dispute amongst those who love it that the black pudding is totally yummy! Add one or two of their free range eggs and the English Breakfast will be complete! Not only that, you’ll be satisfied all day long!

Those that matter say: “These are delicious sausages, and you only need one slice of bacon.”

Mary and Tom Edmondson, regenerative farmers, create naturally good produce. Aside from their English Breakfast Offerings, they also sell pork products including mince and chops as well as lamb. To try their foods go to the farm shop on Fridays and Saturday.